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Community Safety & Violence Prevention Assistant

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development
Acronyme : ICAD
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : The Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD) was established in 1989 by a group of international development non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) concerned about the growing impact of HIV/AIDS in resource-poor communities in both developing countries and in Canada. ICAD's guiding principle has been that HIV/AIDS is more than a medical or health issue and its policies and programs have recognized that social and economic factors have a direct and severe impact on the vulnerability of individuals and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.
Adresse : 1 Nicholas Street, Suite 726
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1N 7B7
FAX: (613)  233-8361
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Personne ressource : Please consult the ICAD website for application information
Courriel : info@icad-cisd.com
Pays : Malawi
Ville : Lilongwe
Secteur : Politique en matière de population/santé et fertilité
Description du stage : The intern will be attached to CAYO's ALIGEE (Advocating for Local Initiative for Gender and Economic Empowerment) project. The project, currently being implemented in 4 sub-counties of 2 Traditional Authorities of Malawi, targets at-risk groups: teen mothers, sex workeers and people with disabilities. The ALIGEE project has the following objectives:
1. Enhancing community support and change community understanding and empathy for at-risk youth
2. Increasing peer-to-peer learning, education and support among at-risk groups;
3. Strengthening life-skills, self esteem and self-confidence among at-risk groups; and
4. Enabling at-risk groups to identify, develop and pursue sustainable livelihood strategies that reduce their vulnerability to commercial/transactional sex.

In Canada
1. Participate in skills building and pre-departure training.
2. Learn about the goals and activities of CAP AIDS and CAYO
3. Conduct background research related to youth and HIV/AIDS

The main purpose of the job is to provide technical guidance and support to CAYO in designing a community audit and planning, implementing and evaluating activities designed to address violence against at-risk groups. Working with CAYO, the intern will have the following responsibilities:
1. Conduct a community audit to determine the extent of violence against at-risk groups in the community, namely, teen mothers, sex workers and the disabled;
2. Determine the at-risk groups to be targeted with education and empowerment;
3. Design activities for CAYO to address violence and stigma against at risk groups;
4. Develop a training program for peer educators and community advocates;
5. Identify and recruit lead volunteers to spearhead peer education and advocacy
6. Train volunteers and peer educators in issue advocacy, life skills, self esteem, self confidence;
7. Facilitate outreach and delivery of preventive community awareness education
8. Conduct field visits to evaluate project activities;
9. Advise CAYO on "best practices" based on project evaluation; and
10. Produce a final report for CAP AIDS and CAYO.
Organisation d'accueil : Counseling Adolescents and Youth Organization
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : CAYO is a registered youth-led, youth-serving, non-profit organization based in Lilongwe, Malawi. CAYO's work seeks to improve the health and social status of young people by reducing their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. The organization's overall strategy is listening to the youth about the problems they face and then working with them to find solutions. CAYO's programs include youth-driven peer-to-peer education about HIV prevention and care, and creation of employment and income opportunities for youth through sustainable social purpose enterprise. CAYO also works with the local community to understand the issues, influences and difficulties faced by young people.