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Rural Health Assessment Intern

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : MYERT CORPS INC
Acronyme :
Type : Compagnie privée
Mandat : Myert Corps is actively engaged in the promotion of equal employment opportunities for young Canadians. Our primary goal is to move Canadian youth to a higher level of responsibility and independence by taking a holistic, integrated, approach to their education and employment development. Our mission is to provide the challenges, experiences, support, and help needed by youth to realize their fullest potential. We achieve this by delivering programming in areas such as employment assistance, employment development, educational development, skills training, and international co-op practicums. Myert's website offers a glimpse into our past experience in Kenya. http://www.myert.com/index.asp?PageID=16
Adresse : 2864 Cottonwood Street
Abbotsford, British Columbia,
V4X 1K5
FAX: (604) 857-1467
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Personne ressource : Imbenzi George
Courriel : imbenzi@shaw.ca
Pays : Kenya
Ville : Kakamega
Secteur : Santé
Description du stage : The Project:
To conduct participatory rural health assessments for the purpose of determining the primary health-related needs of the populations in Shikokho, Malinya, Imusali(combined total pop 15,300). It is anticipated that these assessments will generate referrals to local or regional health authorities to address deficiencies in the health of these rural populations.

In Canada
The responsibility of the Rural Health Assessment Intern while in Canada will be restricted to pre-departure and orientation activities, and post-internship de-briefing and job search activities. The intern will be required to:
- attend the two-week briefing and orientation session;
- participate in meetings with community groups, health agencies and media to inform the audience and increase the profile of Canada's role in international development;
- participate in team activities related to, or with a view to assisting the intern in understanding the rural culture in Kenya;
- assist in the preparation or acquisition of materials required for the performance of internship activities in Kenya.
Upon return to Canada, the intern will be required to:
- attend project de-briefing sessions with Myert Corps Director/Project Manager;
- attend meetings with health agencies, community groups or the media to inform them of the successes of the internship;
- to participate in job search sessions aimed at assisting the intern in securing employment in the chosen career.

Reporting to the Field Supervisor, the Rural Health Assessment Intern will conduct Participatory Rural Assessments for the purpose of determining the health-related needs and deficiencies in the rural population.

-Assist in the preparation of an effective strategy to conduct participatory rural appraisals
-Conduct participatory rural appraisals
-Document and compile information to be forwarded to local and regional health authorities
-Collaborate with local and regional health authorities and work in a team environment
-Assist in the preparation of project activity and progress reports

Upon arrival in Kenya, interns will receive 5 days of orientation to the country. Discussion will include application of their skills, limitations and expectations of host organizations in the context of a diverse, rural culture. The following topics will be explored:
-Language orientation
-Cultural orientation
-Personal safety
-Setup of the internship
-Mentor/supervisor/director roles
-Clarification of expectations
-Review of project plans
-Communications structure/methodology
-Crisis management
Organisation d'accueil : Shikokho Women's group
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Shikokho Women's group is community-based, with an emphasis on the holistic nature of health and the interaction with the physical/social/ spiritual environment. It focuses on sustainable development and economic freedom for people in the community through community participation, innovation, educational opportunities and progressive development.