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HIV/AIDS Community Integration Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology
Acronyme : NC
Type : Établissement d'enseignement
Mandat : Niagara College enables our students, clients and community to successfully meet the economic, social and cultural challenges of a global society. The College will: offer a strategic mix of programs that meet and exceed standards and expectations, relevance and quality and lead to success in achieving personal, educational and career goals; ensure that our college is accessible and inviting; act as a major partner in economic development for the Niagara Region; become known for a distinctive focus on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial approaches within college programs and operations; encourage and sustain strong organizational and employee commitment to learning and improving our skills, knowledge and ways of working, support communities and industry by being enterprising, innovative and globally connected and; be resourceful in the pursuit of financial self-sufficiency.
Adresse : Niagara College - Department of International Education and Development, IEDD
S-102, 300 Woodlawn Road
Welland, Ontario,
L3B 7L3
FAX: (905) 735-2413
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Personne ressource : International Project Specialist
Courriel : interns@niagarac.on.ca
Pays : Afrique du Sud
Ville : East London
Secteur : Infrastructure et services sociaux divers
Description du stage : The current partnership project between Niagara College and the Walter Sisulu University (WSU) is a five year, Sustainable Skills Development (SSD) project, aimed at increasing employability skills of the participants through skills based training opportunities. With a program/project priority on HIV/AIDS education, the HIV/AIDS - IO will assist WSU in developing and delivering HIV/AIDS education within the surrounding East London Community.

The reality of such high percentages of graduating students being HIV positive has lead the University and community to address this issue beyond the school setting. Through the Border Kei Chamber of Business, the WSU has started an HIV project for small businesses to conduct programming in VCT, educational awareness and research in order to holistically approach HIV within their community.

In Canada
4-week Pre-departure program "Young Professionals Going Global" detailed under the Implementation Plan and Time Line tab

With a program priority on the social mitigation of HIV/AIDS, the HIV/AIDS - CIO will actively assist WSU and The Chamber of Business in the integration of existing HIV policies and additional HIV/AIDS education into the East London community. The main objectives of the placement will be to increase HIV awareness of available options (Treatment, testing, counseling, support, etc.) while also addressing common HIV myths. The main target areas within the community will be local businesses, and any identified main employers of WSU graduates. The IO will:
- Assess existing HIV/AIDS policies - at the WSU and at the community level
- Research and develop HIV/AIDS related educational materials
- Assist the WSU HIV/AIDS team in the delivery of HIV/AIDS curriculum within University activities
- Provide HIV/AIDS sensitivity and awareness training to community businesses
- Encourage "mainstreaming" (or policy enforcement/development) of HIV/AIDS related information into their practices.
Organisation d'accueil : Walter Sisulu University
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Strategically located within the Eastern Cape, WSU straddles a vast spectrum of the urban and rural divide of the region. This provides the University with the platform to engage intensely with the drivers of development so that an appropriate programme and research mix can be formulated that will profile the advantages of both university and technikon programmes.

It is envisaged that WSU will be a strong, vibrant and viable institution with a host of investment and growth opportunities for research and development partnerships between the academic, governmental, non-governmental and corporate environments. This will guarantee the advancement of the national agenda for protracted delivery.

In the changing landscape of South Africa WALTER SISULU UNIVERSITY is confident that it can build the foundations of a proud legacy for future generations in this century of African Renaissance.