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Outreach Coordinator

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Voluntary Service Overseas Canada
Acronyme : VSO Canada
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : VSO is an international development agency that works through volunteers. Our vision is a world without poverty in which people work together to fulfill their potential. VSO welcomes volunteer professionals from an ever-increasing range of countries, backgrounds, and ages. National Partner Agencies in Canada, India, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Philippines and the United Kingdom recruit volunteers from many different countries worldwide. Internationally, VSO currently has more than 2000 volunteers working in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Pacific region, and Eastern Europe.

As outlined in VSO's corporate strategic plan, Focus for Change, six key development goals link the priorities of our partner organizations, international development targets and VSO's distinctive competence. Our goals reflect the priorities set out in Country Strategic Plans developed by each VSO program in consultation with in-country partners. VSO's development goal areas are: Education, HIV and AIDS, Health and Social Well-being, Secure Livelihoods, Participation and Governance, and Disability.
Adresse : 151 Slater Street, Suite 806
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1P 5H3
FAX: (613) 234-1444
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Personne ressource : Meaghon Dunphy
Courriel : inquiry@vsocan.org
Pays : Cameroun
Ville : Maroua
Secteur : Concours fournis aux organisations non gouvernementales
Description du stage : 'Let's Talk' is a monthly newspaper educating adolescents (aged 9-14) about their bodies and breaking existing myths, taboos and perceptions surrounding reproductive health. Topics include basic human anatomy, bodily changes during puberty, answering health related questions and most importantly, education around the transmission and prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STIs.

Local Cameroonian volunteers currently distribute 'Let's Talk' in 4 out of 11 provinces. In September 2004, YOP began distribution of the newspaper with about 2,000 copies. In less than a year, distribution has increased 25% to 2,500 copies. Given the success of 'Let's Talk', YOP has recently begun producing a French version of the magazine, called 'Parlons-En', to target youth in the French-speaking provinces of Cameroon.

In Canada
The Canadian phase of this internship will include pre-departure briefing, preparation, and resettlement activities. Six months of this internship will be spent in placement overseas.

Continuing the work of the 2006-2007 CIDA-IYIP intern, the Outreach Coordinator will be tasked with coordinating the distribution of 'Parlons-En' in the Far North Province, working in collaboration with VSO volunteers and other NGOs and Faith-Based Organisations (FBOs) identified by the intern.

Primary roles and responsibilities include:
- sensitizing schools and communities on the importance of 'Parlons-En';
- creating 'Parlon-En' distribution points;
- encouraging and collecting articles from young people for publication;
- proposing topics and articles for publication based on identified needs.

In addition to daily activities surrounding publication and distribution, the intern will also collaborate with VSO volunteers to encourage the set-up of 'Let's Talk' and 'Parlons-En' clubs (in cooperation with already existing Health and/or HIV&AIDS clubs) in schools and communities, to enable young people to discuss and explore issues around the various topics published in the paper, and how these issues affect them.
Organisation d'accueil : Youth Outreach Programme
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The Youth Outreach Programme (YOP), founded in 1993 in Bamenda, Cameroon, is strongly committed to working with young people in disadvantaged communities and educating them about HIV/AIDS transmission, community responsibility, and sustainable development.