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YEN Associate/Programme Coordinator

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Vancouver Westwood College Ltd.
Acronyme : VWC
Type : Établissement d'enseignement
Mandat : Westwood aims at:
- Enhancing leadership and professional language skills
- Promoting sustainable development through global public-private partnerships
- Developing a sense of global responsibility
- Building a strong global network of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs, and more employable individuals.

Westwood plans to achieve these aims through:
- Cross-cultural knowledge networking
- International work assignments and technical assistance
- Interactive skills enhancement programme
- Targeted global leadership and knowledge sharing forums, communication linkages and multimedia distance learning
Adresse : Suite 201 - 10252 135th Street
Surrey, British Columbia,
V3T 4C2
FAX: (604) 677-5792
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Personne ressource : Craig Young
Courriel : craigyoung@entreglobe.com
Pays : Sénégal
Ville : Dakar
Secteur : Entreprises et autres services
Description du stage : In Canada
The internship will include two weeks in Canada, including one week of face to face pre-briefing and preparation for overseas departure, and one week of re-integration and post-overseas briefing, and one week of final report writing and submission.

While in Canada, the intern will:
- Be requested to conduct basic research on the youth employment situation and related challenges in the host country, with a particular emphasis on identifying both gaps and assets/good practices on how the business community, policies and institutions support opportunities for youth.
- Draw a preliminary comparison with their host country, including an examination of the current diplomatic and trade relationships with Canada.
- Prepare a briefing package summarizing key best practices, tools and success profiles of youth entrepreneurship and employment initiatives.
- After returning from overseas, the intern will spend one week of post internship debriefing and commence re-integration by working with fellow interns for a one week period on summarizing key collective recommendations on key actions, tools and practices, based on their lessons learned the criteria for best practices could be identified and shared among Lead countries.
- The interns will use Rutherford's Project Team, YEN Secretariat, local and national governmental agencies, and development partners (Agencies) as resources.

Once overseas, the intern will:
- Develop and implement integrated research and development tools to promote best practices for youth employment, institutional and grass roots/NGO capacity building, and presentation, training and implementation in the host country;
- Develop appropriate teaching/knowledge sharing/transfer tools to enhance understanding and capacity building potential for youth employment initiatives.
- Assist YEN Secretariat and Lead Country partners with ongoing activities to meet their overarching objectives and timelines. Contribute to the design and /or implementation of a National Youth Action Plan on youth employment (NAP).
- Support YEN and the host country agency with building relationships among local institutions and organizations, including organizing key meetings and events for national and local stakeholders.
Organisation d'accueil : United Nations Office for West Africa / Youth Employment Network Office for West Africa (Senegal)
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The UN Secretary-General, in agreement with the Security Council, has established the UN Office for West Africa (UNOWA) as an innovative response to the pressing call by ECOWAS leaders for a sub-regional approach to the many challenges facing peace and security. UNOWA is the first UN regional peace-building office in the world, with a mandate to harmonize UN activities and promote the integration of a subregional, as opposed to country-by-country,

UNOWA, in collaboration with Youth Employment Network is working on practical recommendations and a regional strategy to tackle the youth employment challenge of the region that is so linked to present and future security and political stability.