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Research Fellow

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : International Institute for Sustainable Development
Acronyme : IISD
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : IISD's vision is better living for all - sustainably. Its mission is to champion innovation, enabling societies to live sustainably. It contributes to sustainable development by advancing policy recommendations on climate change and energy, international trade and investment, economic instruments, measurement and indicators, and natural resource management. Its headquarters is in Winnipeg with offices in Ottawa, New York and Geneva.
Adresse : 161 Portage Ave. E, 6th floor
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
R3B 0Y4
FAX: (204) 958-7710
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Personne ressource : Noria Neuhart
Courriel : intern-info@iisd.ca
Pays : Kenya
Ville : Nairobi
Secteur : Sylviculture
Description du stage : The intern will concentrate on implementing "Communication of knowledge, shaping policies, and enhanced visibility of ASB" through a comprehensive, targeted dissemination strategy, building on former interns' work on Communications Strategy and ASB Impact Pathways.

As part of the implementation of this project, we envision the intern to help to reach key policymakers, especially in the countries where ASB works, and also to establish contacts with those whom those policymakers get information from. The intern will help sharpening communication products for national and global policy audiences. This would include support to writing and publishing ASB's Policybrief series and supporting in the documentation of the annual governance ASB meeting, both virtual and face to face. Besides the website and Policybriefs, the intern would also look at other information communication technology like CD-rom and film to share the findings with our developing country partners.

In addition, the intern will support the implementation of the ASB monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and Impact Assessment system using the results based management (RBM) framework. This will help ASB to enhance the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and performance of the organization, and to assess how successful it is in fostering a self-evaluation culture within the programme. The intern will based his/her work on the products on the former intern work on Communications Strategy and M&E activities.

In Canada
Prior to their departure, interns will sign a contract and begin to prepare for their placements by conducting research, contacting their supervisor overseas, applying for their visa, getting their vaccinations, and attending a 7 day pre-departure training in Winnipeg where they will be expected to actively contribute to discussions. They will also attend a debrefing session upon their return to Canada.

The intern would focus on communication of knowledge, shaping policies, and enhanced visibility of ASB to support the twin objectives of reducing poverty and conserving unique forest ecosystems. Working closely with the ASB global coordination team, the intern would concentrate on the following:

- Manage the design, development and dissemination of effective information and communications services and products.
- Develop and maintain contacts with national and international policymakers and advisers.
- Raise public awareness of issues related to rainforest conservation and poverty reduction
- Support with monitoring and evaluation using Results Based Management (RBM) framework for ASB programme.
-The intern will help organize ASB meetings and events, and participate in both virtual and face to face interactions, managing an on-line workspace including discussion groups and consultations for ASB governance meetings.
- Assist with preparing and producing reports, summaries, and other output products for ASB.
- Assist in developing a virtual library for ASB, including training videos and other alternative media.
Organisation d'accueil : ASB- Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : ASB is the only global partnership devoted entirely to research on the tropical forest margins. ASB's goal is to raise productivity and income of rural households in the humid tropics without increasing deforestation or undermining essential environmental services. By bringing together local knowledge, policy perspectives, and science, we work to understand the tradeoffs among conservation and development goals, and to identify and develop innovative policies and practices that work for both people and nature.

ASB's global coordination office, hosted by ICRAF (World Agroforestry Centre), in Nairobi, Kenya, draws out the global implications of ASB research through synthesis of national activities and results. In 2005, ASB received the Outstanding Partnership Award from the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).