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Access to Quality Health Care and Information: How Does Gender Intervene?

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
Acronyme : SICI
Type : Établissement d'enseignement
Mandat : The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute is a unique educational enterprise that promotes mutual awareness and understanding between India and Canada mainly through facilitating academic activities. The Institute funds research, links institutions in the two countries, and organizes seminars and conferences. These activities are carried out in partnership between the Institute's Canada Office and India Office.
Adresse : 1402 Education Tower
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta,
T2N 1N4
FAX: (403) 289-0100
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Personne ressource : John Abraham
Courriel : jjabraha@ucalgary.ca
Pays : Inde
Ville : Keshod
Secteur : Santé
Description du stage : The overarching goal of this internship project is to provide a unique opportunity for young Canadians to employ their knowledge and skills as well as develop new research capacities while exploring and contributing to women's health and empowerment strategies in Junagadh District, Gujarat. For the duration of the internship project, the intern will investigate the presence, extent and perceived value of social networks among women in the Junagadh District. A particular emphasis is placed on identifying social networks which function as resources, enabling women to cope with and/or overcome barriers in access to resources as well as poverty. Access quality health care and information remains a challenge for many women, particularly those living in impoverished or isolated communities. In the context of a tripartite framework - women's health, social ex/inclusion and poverty - the internship targets several important Millennium Development Goals.

Women's existing social networks are believed to provide a highly effective vehicle for overcoming gender-based inequalities in women's socio-economic status, political autonomy, circumstances of poverty and overall health. In this internship, the intern will develop knowledge and recognition of women's health, public health and international health initiatives at the level of access to health care; develop research skills in qualitative and quantitative methods.

More immediately, the intern will be directly contributing to the goals of the AKHS,I providers in Keshod, Gujarat, namely, by contributing to the development of more secure relationships between regional health care providers and women from a range of distinct and often small communities within the Junagadh District. In collaboration with regional health service providers and community organizations in Gujarat, the intern will contribute to the ongoing goals of the CIDA-Shastri internship project, further entrenching gender-sensitive access to quality health services and information.

In Canada
- Exploring concepts such as women's health, social networks, social capital and the outcomes of women's socio-economic and political autonomy
- Developing and maintaining an effective communication system within a partnership spanning two countries;

- Assisting in the development of partnership agreements on internal policies (ie code of ethics);
- Ensuring a constant and efficient flow of information between partners;
- Providing training to team members where necessary.
- Assisting in the creation of an intersectoral, multidisciplinary gender and health network in each project site;
- Collecting qualitative data on gender and women's health issues, including women's social, economic and political autonomy
- Investigating opportunities for promoting further collaboration of women and men in their households and in community organizations for gender equity and women's empowerment
- Documenting research findings in detailed reports and papers for publication
Organisation d'accueil : Aga Khan Health Service
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : AKHS is one of three agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) that support activities in the field of health, the others being the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), and the Aga Khan University (AKU). It works closely with both of these agencies on planning, training, and resource development and with the Aga Khan Education Services and the Aga Khan Planning and Building Services on the integration of health issues into specific projects.