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Youth Coordinator for the Dar es Salaam Safer Cities Project/One Stop Youth Resource Centre

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : International Centre for Sustainable Cities
Acronyme : ICSC
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : The International Centre for Sustainable Cities (ICSC) is a Canadian non-governmental organization and registered charity, with a mission to promote sustainable urban development around the world through practical demonstration projects, peer learning networks and high profile events.
Adresse : 415-1788 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia,
FAX: (604) 666-0009
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Personne ressource : Dan Chalmers
Courriel : dchalmers@icsc.ca
Pays : Tanzanie
Ville : Dar es Salaam
Secteur : Destination plurisectorielle ou transversale
Description du stage : Overseas experience
In Dar es Salaam, the youth intern will work with the City through the PLUS Network local project officer and the Dar es Salaam Safer Cities Project. The youth intern will work to support Safer Cities and the development of the One Stop Youth Resource Centre to build capacity for youth in Dar es Salaam. The youth intern will be involved in the development and coordination of an asset mapping project and a youth and women friendly city guide for the City of Dar es Salaam.

The intern will also help the Safer Cities Initiative and the Youth City Council to compile the material necessary for developing a "Youth Community City Guide." She/he will prepare and conduct consultations and engage different stakeholders in various phases of the planning process. The intern will be directly involved in youth capacity building and participatory engagement.
- The intern will support the community participation process;
- The intern will assist in developing tools for evaluation, monitoring and directing community mapping;
- The intern will complete a case study based on the experience.

He/she will work closely with Safer Cities Project to carry out the implementation of their objectives and activities:


Pilot projects include:
- Neighborhood watch initiative (Sungu Sungu)
- Employment creation and skills training for youth
- Safety audit for women
- Establishment of Ward Tribunals
- A victimisation survey in March 2000 and March 2004
- Auxiliary police (city police) established and trained with support from ICPC. A recent evaluation (June 2003) indicates measures to be taken to strengthen this initiative.
- Institutionalization in the city's new municipal authorities is completed (specific UN Safer Cities units have been established for this purpose).
- Activities focus on supporting community initiatives and violence against women, institutional capacity building and development of ward tribunals.
- Project replication to other towns in Tanzania is ongoing. Victimization studies have already been undertaken in a few towns and a workshop with city authorities from various towns has been held in March 2004.
- A review and evaluation of the Safer Cities Dar programme was undertaken in September 2004.
Organisation d'accueil : Dar es Salaam City Council
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : As a municipal council the City of Dar es Salaam is engaged in providing residents with services including planning and urban development. Priorty areas for Dar es Salaam include engagement of youth and women in sustainable community planning.