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Youth Community Engagement Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : International Centre for Sustainable Cities
Acronyme : ICSC
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : The International Centre for Sustainable Cities (ICSC) is a Canadian non-governmental organization and registered charity, with a mission to promote sustainable urban development around the world through practical demonstration projects, peer learning networks and high profile events.
Adresse : 415-1788 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia,
FAX: (604) 666-0009
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Personne ressource : Dan Chalmers
Courriel : dchalmers@icsc.ca
Pays : Mexique
Ville : Matamoros
Secteur : Destination plurisectorielle ou transversale
Description du stage : In Canada
The internship will contribute to ICSC's activities with the PLUS Network member city of Matamoros, Mexico and will include a youth and community engagement focus.

The intern will be responsible for doing background research on Mexico and preparing all the pre-departure logistics. The intern will research models of resource mobilization, develop participatory planning and decision making procedures, and learn about strategic planning and conducting needs assessments/asset based evaluation.

The intern will be responsible for engaging youth and leading community participation, and engaging co-operatives, and grassroots organizations in developing a long-term (100 year) vision for the city. Internship training will include provision of resources and tools for youth engagement.

Located in the Mexico-US border region, the city of Matamoros is a dynamic, progressive city, offering important prospects for Canadian companies. Over the past decade the region has seen rapid growth in trade and a burgeoning maquiladora industry. Today existing infrastructure and municipal services are heavily overburdened by the increased traffic and expanding populations accompanying this growth. It is estimated that an investment of more than $2 billion is needed to build new infrastructure in the Mexican border region. Matamoros has created strategic plans looking ahead two years, 25 years and 50 years. The city plans to create a highly developed infrastructure and efficient services, along with the ordered and harmonious growth of industries and residential areas. Their goal is for the citizens to live in a safe environment as well as have greater access to potable water, health services, education, art and culture, and employment.

The intern will be primarily be responsible for working with the Municipality of Matamoros and helping them engage youth and community members in developing a long-term (100 year) vision. The intern will also assist Matamoros in promoting and engaging other Mexican cities interested in long-term sustainability planning. The Mexican Network will work closely with the PLUS Network, and will rely on peer-to-peer information exchanges, and disseminate best practices and strategies for planning and public engagement. Already, there are 3 PLUS Network member cities in Mexico and many more have expressed an interest in long-term planning.

The intern will engage with youth groups and leverage their participation as active engaged citizens in sustainable city planning. The intern will draw on the long-term planning model developed by the PLUS Network and encourage 100 year visioning. Through consultation and engagement of youth, the intern will start to compile the material necessary for developing a "Youth Community City Guide." She/he will prepare and conduct consultations and engage different stakeholders in various phases of the planning process. The intern will be directly involved in youth capacity building and participatory engagement.

- The intern will support the youth and community participation process;
- The intern will assist in developing tools for evaluation, monitoring and directing
community asset mapping and other visioning tools;
- The intern will complete a case study based on his/her experience.
- The intern will be expected to work with minimal direct supervision, at times that are not consistent with traditional working patterns, and in varying situations that will require sound judgment and initiative
Organisation d'accueil : City of Matamoros
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : To make Matamoros a quality city to live in, characterized by a high level of infrastructural development, efficient services for all inhabitants and ordered and harmonious growth of industry, living conditions and environment. Matamoros is a member of the PLUS Network and has a municipal council engaged in delivering services including planning and urban development to residents.