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Project Management & Business Development Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Global Development Group
Acronyme : GDG
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : GDG is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that provides effective and affordable information-technology tools, and expertise in human resource management and international trade tailored to the needs of the international development community.
Adresse : 9-Gurdwara Road,Suite 100
Ottawa, Ontario,
K2E 7X6
FAX: (613) 226-7288
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Personne ressource : Ekaterina Grigoryeva
Courriel : egrigoryeva@globaldev.org
Pays : Malawi
Ville : Lilongwe
Secteur : Éducation
Description du stage : The GSES II project was initiated in September 2004 following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Canada and Malawi. The project spans over seven years (2004-2010) and includes a total of CAD 20 million CIDA contribution to the Government of Malawi (GoM). The main emphasis of GSES II is to build the capacity of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Malawi (MoEVT) to procure and distribute 10 million units of educational materials to targeted primary schools in Malawi. Unlike past projects, MoEVT is the owner of the GSES II project, and is supported by a team of the Canadian Facilitation Agency (CFA) based in Malawi and Canada.

1.Project Goal

According to the MoU, the goal of GSES II is to contribute to the creation of a healthy, educated and productive human resource base in Malawi by improving the quality of primary-school education. This goal corresponds with the Malawi CPDS.

2. Project Purpose

The purpose of GSES II is to strengthen the institutional capacity of MoEVT to provide and manage the supply of quality educational materials for students and teachers in Malawi.

3. Project Outcomes
There are two project outcomes:

a. To provide an adequate supply of educational materials to teachers, teacher trainees and children in primary grades in an effort to improve teaching/learning processes and raise awareness of gender and health issues, particularly HIV and AIDS.

b. To ensure that MoEVT's systems to plan, manage, procure and distribute education materials are institutionalized, efficient, fair and transparent.

4. Project Outputs
There are seven project outputs:

- Develop a sound policy framework for planning, procurement and distribution of educational materials. (This output has been developed and implemented.)
- Create effective and integrated information and planning systems that are operational within MoEVT. (This output has been developed and implemented.)
- Institute transparent and efficient procurement systems that provide value and quality for money spent. (This output has been developed and implemented.)
- Develop demand-based systems that support timely delivery of educational materials to target institutions. (This output has been developed and implemented.)
- Encourage a balanced, gender-sensitive and HIV- and AIDS-responsive workforce of qualified professionals to provide educational materials at all levels of MoEVT.
- Deliver and employ 8-10 million gender-sensitive and HIV- and AIDS-responsive educational materials at targeted educational institutions.
- Develop and adopt a cooperative sector approach for development partners.

In Canada
- fulfill pre-departure preparation
- undergo pre-departure training program and strategy sessions
- in coordination with GDG management staff, develop an internship plan, work plan, monitoring and evaluation framework
- undergo a debriefing session on completion of the internship
- prepare a mid-term and final internship reports
- actively engage in career development and job search activities
- conduct career planning and revising personal career goals and objectives
- plan and participate in outreach activities

a. Internship management

- participate in project orientation, security briefing, and other related activities
- revise the work plan if required in relation to the intern's career objectives an project needs
- carry out activities according o the work plan
- communicate with project team on regular basis, provide and seek feedback

b. Project-related responsibilities

- provide support to GSES II field project team in on-going activities related to project's outputs and outcomes
- participate in project management activities
- identify, assess, and support capacity building activities within the project
- participate in field missions to support project delivery
- conduct research, meetings, other activities related to future business development options
- identify areas in project delivery that require more support and develop options for improvement
- in coordination with Filed Manager, conduct filed assessment of project's progress and write concept papers that will contribute to improvement of project delivery
Organisation d'accueil : GDG/GSES II Project, Field Office in Malawi
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : GSES II Field Office is responsible for coordinating all the activities of MoEVT with regards to GSES II mandate and is working in close collaboration with Canadian Facilitation Agency (CFA), Global Development Group, office in Ottawa. GDG field office in Malawi is responsible for local project management, annual work planning, financial, administrative, and HR management of the project activities, monitoring, reporting, liaison with stakeholders, as well as for business development of GDG in Malawi.