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Field Researcher, Youth Sexual Health

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Canadian Crossroads International / Carrefour Canadien International
Acronyme : CCI
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Canadian Crossroads International is an international volunteer cooperation agency that brings together citizens and organizations in Canada and developing countries in order to reduce poverty, combat HIV/AIDS and promote women's rights. With almost 50 years of experience, CCI works to create a more equitable and sustainable world by engaging and strengthening individuals, organizations and communities through mutual learning, solidarity and collective action. The foundation of our work is the development of long- term partnerships between like-minded organizations in Canada and in the South. Within the framework of these three-way partnerships (CCI, Southern organization and Canadian organization), we carry out activities to build partnership, develop organizational capacity and engage the public - with volunteer exchange (North-South, South-North and South-South) being the primary means to achieve our goals. We believe the engagement of the Canadian public is an essential element of this approach and work in this respect with organizations and individuals throughout Canada.
Adresse : 317 Adelaide St. W, Suite 500
M5V 1P9
FAX: (416) 967-9078
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Personne ressource : AndréAnne Cloutier
Courriel : info@cciorg.ca
Pays : Swaziland
Ville : Manzini
Secteur : Éducation Santé
Description du stage : This position will be responsible for conducting field work and research on youth sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention.

- Conducting and compiling field work
- Conducting library and internet-based research
- Collect data
- Conduct statistical analysis on data
- Train select staff in same
Organisation d'accueil : Family Life Association of Swaziland
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : FLAS remains the leading organization in the field of youth sexual and reproductive health services including HIV/AIDS in Swaziland through the delivery of innovative, youth focused services; the sharing of best practices and knowledge; through advocacy and partnerships; and sustainable, gender sensitive service delivery models that result in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, maternal mortality, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, unsafe abortions and gender based violence.