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Status: Archived
Name of event: 6 Degrees of Freerice
Brief Description of Event: 6 Degree of Freerice – is the theme of the first World Freerice Week starting February 6. Freerice is an online trivia game that donates 10 grains of rice to feed the world’s hungry for every correct answer you choose. So far, it’s raised enough to feed almost 5 million people. So it’s not your average trivia game. And, those grains of rice go to feed someone who is hungry– a person that is only six degrees away from you and I. If I recruit you, and five other people, and you in turn do the same – the online movement to fight hunger with exponentially explode! Learn more about it here:
On-line event: Yes
Website address of event:
Date of event: 2012-02-06 to 2012-02-12
Time of event: 1 am February 6, 2012
Event Location: Ontario
Organization: United Nations World Food Programme
Type of organization: International Organizations
Contact person: Julie Marshall
Telephone: 905-818-2664
Email address:
Address of Organization: