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Handicraft Marketing Agent - Nicaragua

Status: Filled
Organization: Comité de solidarité Trois-Rivieres
Acronym: CSTR
Type: Non-Governmental Organization
Contact Person: Sylvain Pinet
Country: Nicaragua
City: Rivas
Sector: Supporting private sector development
Address: 942 Sainte-Geneviève Street
942, rue Sainte-Geneviève
Trois-Rivières, Quebec,
G9A 3X6
FAX: 819-373-7892

The fundamental mission of the Comité de Solidarité/Trois-Rivières is to contribute to building a more just and harmonious world where all people and citizens that are part of it would equitably share the resources and riches of our planet.
The fundamental principles that will lead and stimulate CS/TR’s efforts must be established according to an exact perception and a clear analysis of the true causes that explain the third world’s existence.
  Please visit the website of the organization offering this internship to verify its application requirements prior to sending your resume.
Position Description:

Project summary:
Support members of the cooperative Puesta del Sol in the development of a business plan to increase revenues resulting from various handicrafts of the cooperative

The applicant must:
· Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
· Possess a secondary school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
· Be between the ages of 18 and 35 at the time of signature of contract with the Canadian organization
· Be of Aboriginal affiliation and willing to sign a CIDA self-declaration form attesting to this affiliation
· Have a passport valid at least 6 months AFTER the planned return date

Profile requirements:
· Genuine interest in marketing
· The intern has to demonstrate open-mindedness, organizational capacity, clear communication skills, adaptability and be fluent in French
· A willingness to learn Spanish constitutes an asset

Intern obligations in Canada :
· Participate in training session for 4 to 6 weeks prior to departure (intensive intercultural training, readings, meetings, group dynamics, Spanish lessons, etc.).
· Upon return, participate in debriefing session and public presentations.

Conditions offered:
· Compensation for accommodation and travel during the period of pre-departure training
· Linguistic and intercultural training before departure
· Allowance of $ 100 for immunization and antimalarial drugs
· Air transport, airport taxes, insurance, visa for the duration of stay
· Allocation of $ 750 / month during the overseas internship
· Allowances for meals and lodging during the overseas internship (paid to the partner)
· A $250 reintegration return bonus upon completion of the internship and reception and approval of the intern's final report

1. Participate in the stages of production, harvest and conditioning of teas and herbal teas; wine of hibiscus; and artisanal handicrafts business
2. Conduct an analysis of the different stages
3. Support members in developing a business plan
Please send your complete application (motivation questionnaire, résumé, scanned copy of passport), to the following e-mail address:
Name of Host Organization: Cooperative Puesta Del Sol
Host Organization Details: