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Project profile: Electoral Assistance for the Americas

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Basic Information

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2009-01-09 — 2010-08-13


  • Americas multiple countries: 100%


This project aims to support efforts by the Organization of American States (OAS) to build stronger, more efficient and transparent electoral processes and democratic institutions in the Americas. To this end, it strengthens the OAS’ capacity in the area of electoral support and provides funding to the OAS’ Electoral Observation Fund. This increases the organization’s ability to rapidly respond to requests for election observation and ensures that its election observation missions are professional and based on a sound methodology. The project also supports the OAS’ efforts to strengthen the institutions that guarantee transparent and effective elections in the region, thereby increasing voter confidence in the democratic processes of their country.

The project is part of the Multilateral Election Observation Program. This Program uses a whole-of-government approach for Canadian support to multilateral election observation in developing countries. Its main objective is to assist developing countries in their objective to hold democratic elections in line with national and international election standards. Support for election observation contributes to strengthening the electoral process in developing countries.


Democratic governance
  • Elections (015151): 70%
  • Public sector policy and administrative management (015110): 20%
  • Human rights (015160): 10%


Expected Results

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Progress and Results Achieved

This grant supported Organization of American States (OAS) member States in developing stronger, more transparent electoral practices and institutions. Of the $5M, $3.1M was allocated to the OAS’ Election Observation Fund, enabling the OAS to respond to requests from member States for observation missions. The grant also funded complementary electoral observation initiatives targeted to professionalize and standardize the OAS election observation and to strengthen electoral institutions in member States while promoting regional coordination and collaboration in the field of electoral processes and systems management. The presence of international election observers on the ground allows for more transparent elections, in line with national and international standards. OAS election observation missions assessed the conduct of elections in OAS member-states in line with national and international standards and commitments to ensure fair and transparent elections. Each mission produced ongoing assessments of the electoral processes observed and published a Final Report stating the mission’s final assessment of the elections and establishing recommendations for improving the electoral process in the host country. These recommendations provided valuable and timely inputs for these countries’ governments, electoral management bodies and the broader international community to strengthen electoral and democratic institutions and processes. Results at end of project include the recruitment and deployment of 1,749 election observers, of these, 234 Canadians, to 47 election observation missions implemented by the Organization of American States (OAS) in 17 different countries, including five CIDA countries of focus. In addition to election observation missions, CIDA funds supported the implementation of an inter-American Electoral Training Seminar, through which the OAS promoted the improvement of the organization and administration of electoral processes and systems through technical assistance and identified technical assistance projects with Election Management Bodies. The OAS designed election observation methodologies to monitor gender integration and equal participation of men and women in electoral processes in the Americas and to monitor political funding in electoral campaigning. These methodologies will be implemented in future OAS election observation missions. Finally, the OAS created and prompted as mandatory briefing material to all OAS election observers an election observation reference manual: the OAS Manual for Electoral Observation Missions. It explains the role, mandate and Code of Conduct for OAS election observers and provides tips and tools for proper election monitoring.

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Organization of American States (OAS)2009-01-09Grant