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Project profile: African Water Facility - Phase II

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Basic Information

Project Number:
Maximum CIDA Contribution:
Executing Agency — Partner:
Start — End:
2012-03-28 — 2016-12-30


  • Africa multiple countries: 100%


The ultimate aim of the African Water Facility is to enhance the equitable and sustainable development and management of African water resources for poverty alleviation, socio-economic development, regional cooperation, the environment and resilience to water-related disasters and climate change. The primary purpose of the African Water Facility - Phase II project is to provide support for the preparation of 'bankable' water infrastructure projects in Africa. 'Bankable' projects are those which have gone through high-quality project preparation processes, which include support for feasibility and engineering studies, environmental impact assessments, public-private partnership financing plans, and legal analysis. This project also aims to strengthen trans-boundary water resource governance and management, strengthen evidence-based decision-making capabilities through water data management systems, and provide small-scale strategic water infrastructure investments in fragile and post-conflict states. In the longer term, this investment is designed to contribute to sustainable economic growth in Africa by helping to establish water infrastructure for increased hydropower generation, industrial usage, and irrigation. It is also designed to lead to improved institutional platforms for transboundary cooperation on water management issues, sustainable market-based policy and pricing arrangements, a healthier and more productive workforce, and increased private sector involvement in water infrastructure financing. These efforts help sustain progress towards meeting Africa's water infrastructure financing needs.


Improving health
  • Basic drinking water supply (014031): 15%
  • Basic sanitation (014032): 15%
Private sector development
  • Agricultural water resources (031140): 30%
  • Industrial development (032120): 10%
  • Water resources conservation (including data collection) (014015): 10%
  • Water sector policy and administrative management (014010): 10%
  • Power generation/renewable sources (023030): 5%
  • River basins' development (014040): 5%


Expected Results

Expected intermediate outcomes include: strengthened financial base for water related investments in Africa, which are increasingly funded through a mix of types of finance, thus securing a leverage effect of grant money; enhanced investment-conducive water governance environment across Africa, improving the pipeline of tangible investments and sufficiently reflecting climate change aspects, gender equality and social equity; and enhanced evidence-based decision making is supported through making vital data and information available and accessible to inform project preparation and governance at all levels of water development planning and implementation.

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Contracts, Grants and Contributions

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African Development Bank Group2012-03-28Grant