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Project profile: Training Midwives in South Sudan

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Basic Information

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2012-03-28 — 2015-03-31



The project aims to reduce the number of mothers and newborn babies who die in South Sudan by providing women with greater access to high-quality midwifery services. The project consists primarily of training midwives, nurses, and other health workers at four National Health Training Institutes across the country. It includes developing a midwifery program at these training institutes, improving the training facilities, obtaining the equipment required, and improving the ability of the faculty members and administrative staff at the training institutes to teach and manage the new midwifery program. The project also works to improve the ability of the Ministry of Health to manage and regulate the education of midwives.

A total of 540 health workers are expected to graduate during the project, including 315 midwives. More than 20,000 babies are expected to be born in the hands of a midwife or midwifery student over the course of the project.

This project is part of Canada's maternal, newborn, and child health commitment.


Improving health
  • Personnel development for population and reproductive health (013081): 93%
  • Health policy and administrative management (012110): 7%


Expected Results

The expected intermediate outcomes for this project include: increased number of pregnant women attended by a qualified midwife or other health care professional with midwifery competencies, including emergency obstetric and newborn care; enhanced enabling environment that ensures increased availability, accessibility, and utilzation of quality skilled maternity care, including obstetrical and neonatal care services for pregnant women.

Progress and Results Achieved

Results achieved as of May 2014 include: (1) 64 health workers, including 34 midwives, graduated from the Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery and are now contributing to meeting the vast needs for maternal and newborn health services (an additional 50 students are expected to graduate in 2014); (2) in July and November of 2013, the very first national exams for Registered Nurses and Midwives were held in South Sudan; (3) over 200 student midwives are currently enrolled in four DFATD-supported national health training institutes, and an additional 130 new students are scheduled to enrol this year (this exceeds the projected target of 315 students by 2016); and (4) South Sudanese health care professionals are currently being further trained to provide specialized clinic services and quality instruction to future midwifery students. For example, nine doctors and health officers are on scholarship pursing studies in obstetrics and gynecology and emergency obstetric care; and six South Sudanese nurses are attending post graduate studies in pedagogy.

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UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund2012-03-28Grant