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Project profile: Public School Investment Program-II: Provision and distribution of Textbooks

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Basic Information

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2014-03-14 — 2018-09-18



The project aims to support the Government of Senegal to ensure that girls and boys have access to better education. It seeks to improve the quality and management of Senegal’s education system by supporting the government in implementing its Program for Improving Quality, Equity and Transparency in Education and Training (PAQUET) 2013–2025. The project aims to support the Government of Senegal in developing an effective, efficient, equitable, transparent, responsible and accountable education system, while maintaining a close dialogue with the Government of Senegal and other partners about which reforms should be a priority.

The project has two components: the provision of textbooks and support to the Ministry of Education to improve management and train teachers. This component focuses on setting up a mechanism to provide, manage and distribute text books on a national level. The activities are designed to reach nearly 2 million primary and secondary school students.

As with all budget support, Canada is working in close cooperation with other donors and the Government of Senegal to do the following: (1) ensure aid effectiveness by focusing on the country’s efficiency, transparency and accountability; (2) increase donor coordination and harmonization; and (3) strengthen mutual accountability. Budget support allows for greater policy dialogue among donors, government and partners, and helps to strengthen mutual efforts for effective, focused aid, as well as sustainable development results. This initiative is being continuously monitored and evaluated in coordination with other donors.

This contribution is a component of the Public School Investment Program - II, which has a total budget of $146,775,000.


Strengthening basic education
  • Primary education (011220): 65%
  • Education policy and administrative management (011110): 15%
  • Education facilities and training (011120): 10%
  • Basic life skills for youth and adults (011230): 5%
  • Teacher training (011130): 5%


Expected Results

The expected intermediate outcomes of the Public School Investment Program - II include the following: (1) increased education of girls and boys at the primary school and vocational training levels; (2) improved quality of learning in basic education for girls and boys; (3) more effective management practices among education system managers at the central and deconcentrated levels, including with regard to public procurement management, and human and financial resource management; and (4) improved management practices among government officials and private publishers for the provision of textbooks.

Progress and Results Achieved

Here are some of the results as of March 2015: (1) the Project Management Unit was implemented, and a start-up plan and implementation plan were developed and approved; (2) a decentralized procurement mechanism was implemented for school textbooks and framework documents developed; (3) 1.4 million lower-primary-level textbooks were successfully distributed in time for the first day of primary school; (4) upper-primary-level textbooks were certified and assessed based on relevance criteria with a view to delivery for the beginning of the 2015 school year.

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Government of Senegal - Ministry of Economy and Finance2014-03-24Contribution