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Project profile: Access to Health and Education for all Children and Youth with Disabilities

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Basic Information

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2012-12-19 — 2018-03-31



This project aims to secure a better future for children and youth with disabilities in Bangladesh by increasing access to health, education, and protection services for 13,000 children and youth with disabilities, particularly girls. The project is designed to help 2,200 health and rehabilitation community workers improve their ability to provide quality, gender-sensitive services. The project devotes special attention to helping youth with disabilities find employment opportunities. It also focuses on strengthening national health and education systems so that they are more inclusive. The project aims to give 3,000 children with disabilities greater access to education, improve the capacities of 1,200 teachers to include boys and girls with disabilities in their classrooms, and educate 6,500 community members on disability issues.


Improving health
  • Basic health care (012220): 50%
Strengthening basic education
  • Primary education (011220): 50%


Expected Results

The expected intermediate outcomes for this project include: increased participation of boys and girls and youth with disabilities in health, education and employment sectors; increased implementation of disability policies and activities to facilitate participation of boys and girls and youth with disabilities in education, health, employment, and community activities.

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Contracts, Grants and Contributions

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Queen's University2012-12-19Contribution
Queen's University2012-12-19Contribution
Queen's University2012-12-19Contribution