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Project profile: Regional Human Rights and Peacebuilding Fund

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Basic Information

Project Number:
Maximum CIDA Contribution:
Executing Agency — Partner:
Embassy of Canada to Jordan and Iraq
Start — End:
2007-09-05 — 2013-06-28



This fund aims to help establish an environment for peace and stability that is rooted in the values of the Middle East and that respects the international principles and standards for human rights, including the rights of women. CIDA's contribution provides support to selected local and regional non-governmental organizations to implement projects which contribute to reducing human rights abuses and increasing women’s influence on promoting human rights and peace building.


Democratic governance
  • Human rights (015160): 40%
  • Democratic participation and civil society (015150): 30%
Peace and security
  • Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution (015220): 30%


Expected Results

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Progress and Results Achieved

Results achieved by The Fund, a five-year $5M initiative ending in September 2013, contributed to an environment of peace and stability, and increased women’s influence and respect for human rights, rooted in the values of the Arab World and in accordance with international principles and standards. Overall, the Regional Human Rights and Peace Building Fund provided direct support to 39 selected NGOs and not-for profit institutions in the Arab region (18 from Lebanon, 9 from Iraq, 1 from the West Bank, 4 from Morocco, 2 from Tunisia, 3 from Egypt, and 2 regional projects). The funded projects can be divided into six categories as follows: psychosocial and legal support for women and youth, peace building and conflict resolution initiatives, human rights & peace building education through creative tools, capacity building, human rights empowerment in Palestinian Camps, and enhancing democratic reform and transition.

Related Information

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Contracts, Grants and Contributions

Recipient NameDateType
Collective for Research and Training in Development - Action2011-02-07Contribution
Children and Youth Association2011-02-07Contribution
Arc en Ciel2011-02-07Contribution
Fondation Père Afif Osseiran2011-02-07Contribution
Lebanese Center for Civic Education2011-02-07Contribution
Mada Association2011-02-07Contribution
Assabil Association 2011-02-07Contribution
International Management and Training Institute2011-02-07Contribution
Amel Association 2011-03-02Contribution
Norwegian Refugee Council2011-03-02Contribution
Search for Common Ground2011-03-02Contribution
Maharat Foundation2011-03-02Contribution
Developmental Action Without Borders - Naba'a2011-03-02Contribution
Groupe-conseil Interalia S.E.N.C.2012-02-13Contract