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Project Data Set

Full Data Set

The full data set from Project Browser contains all of the data available from the published profiles. This data set is automatically generated in the evenings, Monday to Friday. If there is a technical failure in the system, the last generated file will still be available and will have the correct date in its name. Download time should take no more than two minutes, depending on your Internet speed.

Filtered Data Set

You may choose to download a filtered data set, which shows what is published in Project Browser that corresponds to the criteria chosen at the time of your request. The four filters offered are Country, DAC Sector, Executing agency–partner, and Status. To select more than one item in the list, hold down the "Ctrl" key. If the data set chosen is too large, the system will ask you to download the full data set.

Options are listed in the drop-down menu of each filter only if there is at least one project coded with that data. However, it is possible to make a request that gives no results: for example, a combination such as a South American country in the country filter and a West African partner in the executing agency-partner filter will cause a message indicating there are no results to appear in the downloaded file. A filtered data set shows what is published in the Project Browser that corresponds to the criteria chosen at the time the request is sent. Download time is estimated at no more than five minutes, depending on the complexity of the request and your Internet speed―please be patient. Should there be a technical failure in generating the file to download, you will receive an error message.

Download Individual Profiles

You may choose to download data sets containing only data from individual profiles. To do this, please use the Project Browser Basic Search or Advanced Search. When opening a project profile, you can download the open data file (CSV or XML) from the top of each profile.

Define a data set