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Project profile: Community Mobilisation and Decentralization - Phase II

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Basic Information

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2002-08-08 — 2008-07-31



This project supports 60 villages in three rural communes (Sanankoroba, Dialakoroba, and Bougoula) and two urban areas (Mopti and Gao). It aims to promote the emergence and strengthening of a community-based local development process. This process aims to pool community resources and local talents to promote self-development in order to increase household income for more sustainable local economic development.

To this end, the project encourages local ownership by proposing participatory and democratic management of community affairs. The project relies on the creation of rural associations. It offers about a year of training, in which members of these associations learn to design and execute their own development projects. The project especially targets women.


Democratic governance
  • Democratic participation and civil society (015150): 50%
  • Public sector policy and administrative management (015110): 50%


Expected Results

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Progress and Results Achieved

Results achieved at the end of the project include: 41 percent of rural association members are women, and women entrepreneurs manage more than 50 percent of projects. The project made it possible to improve community organization and increase the number of local people involved in managing and developing villages and neighbourhoods in the targeted areas (60 villages in the Sanankoroba area and 9 neighbourhoods in Gao). The project's micro-credit component allowed for the implementation and strengthening of 69 Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations directly managed by the communities. In rural areas, the project helped to improve farming productivity, through the purchase of farm equipment and animals, and to increase family income, among other things.

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