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Projects on Buyandsell

DFATD uses Buyandsell, the government's new open tendering information service, to publish requests for proposals for the provision of goods or services required. The projects listed below are examples of such tenders.

If the phrase "No documents found." appears below, there are no DFATD development-related Buyandsell listings on the Project Browser at this time. You can also consult the Buyandsell site directly. To find DFATD's tenders, enter "cida" and "dfatd" in the site's search tool.

A star (*) appears beside project profiles that have been published or modified in the International Development Project Browser in the past two weeks. The Project Browser is updated on a regular basis. Even so, the list of projects below may not be complete.

Revenue Generation - Equipment

Status: Operational

Start — End: 2013-06-25 — 2016-01-28

Description: The Revenue Generation project supports the Haitian government's ability to generate revenue. It provides technical assistance to improve the customs and tax institutions in Haiti. The technical assis...

Improving Environmental Management of Mining and Energy Activities in Peru

Status: Operational

Start — End: 2013-01-28 — 2019-03-31

Description: This project aims to streamline how the Peruvian Government handles environmental impact assessments for mining and energy projects while strengthening the rigour and analysis of these assessments. Sp...

Strengthening the Integrated Health Information System

Status: Operational

Start — End: 2012-11-06 — 2018-11-06

Description: This project aims to improve maternal, newborn and child health by strengthening the ability of the Government of Honduras to govern the health sector effectively. The project works to improve the gov...

Enhancing Food Security and Increasing Incomes in Northern Mozambique

Status: Operational

Start — End: 2010-04-22 — 2016-03-31

Description: This project aims to improve the quality of life of men and women living in Cabo Delgado province by increasing access to sufficient safe and nutritious food and improving livelihoods. The project inc...

Senegal National Geomatics Plan

Status: Operational

Start — End: 2009-01-14 — 2015-03-31

Description: The project aims to support the Government of Senegal in developing a national geomatics plan, while building its capacities to retrieve, process, analyze, and disseminate information needed for sound...