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Indigenous Peoples Partnership Program (IPPP) - International Development Projects

This list contains international development projects that are part of the Indigenous Peoples Partnership Program (IPPP).

A star (*) appears beside project profiles that have been published or modified in the International Development Project Browser in the last two weeks.

Indigenous Peoples Partnership Program (IPPP)

Status: Operational

Start — End: 2002-10-09 — 2015-03-31

Description: The IPPP is a pilot program that supports the developmental priorities of Indigenous peoples in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region. This responsive program provides opportunities to create d...

A Nation is Not Conquered - Phase II

Status: Closed

Start — End: 2009-07-03 — 2010-06-30

Description: The goal of this project between the Native Women's Association of Canada and two Indigenous organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean is to increase the capacity of Indigenous women in the reg...

Cultural Ecotourism with the Cabécares, Phase II

Status: Closed

Start — End: 2008-12-23 — 2011-03-31

Description: The goal of this project is to enable the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation of Manitoba to work with the Cabécar Indigenous communities of the Integrated Development Association of Chirripó. The project aims ...

Capacity Building in Development of ICTs by Indigenous Peoples, Phase II

Status: Closed

Start — End: 2008-11-12 — 2009-12-31

Description: The first phase of this project for the development of information and communications technologies (ICTs) resulted in the creation of the Indigenous Commission for Communications Technologies in the A...

Awajun/Wampis Ancestral School Recovery

Status: Closed

Start — End: 2008-11-03 — 2010-04-30

Description: This project is a joint initiative between the National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation and the Organización de Desarollo De Las Communidades Fronterizas Del Cenepa to improve the quality of ...

Partnership Between the Métis National Council and Bartolina Sisa

Status: Closed

Start — End: 2008-10-22 — 2009-12-31

Description: The goal of this conceptual phase is to provide an opportunity for the Métis National Council and the Bartolina Sisa organization to meet. They aim to explore the health conditions currently faced by ...

Health Education and Disease Prevention

Status: Closed

Start — End: 2007-09-18 — 2010-04-30

Description: The purpose of this project is to provide health education and disease prevention programming for the Miskito people of the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) of Nicaragua through a partnership w...

Mining Sector - Indigenous Capacity Building

Status: Closed

Start — End: 2007-03-27 — 2010-04-30

Description: This project enables two-way learning between Canadian Indigenous peoples and Indigenous partners in Latin American and the Caribbean regarding interactions with mining companies and governments. The ...